the eight limbs of yoga and the feet; the foundation of a yoga practice;

ahimsaka satya tadasana feet yama niyama

1 yama (ethical disciplines) ; ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truth) , asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (dwelling in oneness) and aparigraha (non-collectiveness); the rules of morality, targeting the roots of all sorrow; greed, desire and attachment.
2 niyama (individual disciplines); saucha (purity), santosa (contentment), tapas (austerity, purifying heat, body, speech and mind, without any selfish motive), svadhyaya (study of the Self) and Isvara pranidhana (devotion(bhakti) for oneness, whole-ness).

“the toes maybe seem insignificant and small but without them we loose easily our balance, same for the yama’s & niyama’s  they are the starting point to create balance for body&mind”

ahimsaka satya tadasana feet asana

3 asana; postures, meaning literally “to take a seat” preparing the body for prolonged periods of sitting (meditation). Asana brings steadiness,balance, health and lightness to the total body on level of the physical body (muscles, connective tissue, nerves, glands, organs, endocrine system, immune system and nervous system), pranic (air) body, mental body and the subtle body (energetic body). Creating a focused (ekagra) mind not being distracted by the outer world or the body itself.
“the balls of the feet, the toes are coming together and the body unites into one, the asana  unites the different aspects of the body and coordination, as the balls of the feet help to center, balance and move.”

ahimsaka satya tadasana feet pranayama

4 pranayama;

breath exercises to lengthen and control the breath. The breath connects the body with the mind, and the breath is way to control the mind. Asana works from the outer body to within, pranayama from within to the outer body.
“the arches are designed to create lightness in the body. When activated by pressing the corners of the feet down with the weight of the body, a re-bounce effect will take that energy back up into the body, creating a lift and lightness for the whole body. Pranayama is giving lightness to the body from the inside out, by means of a calm deep breath the body can move easily and freely.”

ahimsaka satya tadasana feet pratyahara

5 pratyahara; sense-withdrawal;

turning the senses within and start controlling the senses.
“the center of the heels, are grounding the whole body, centering the body and connecting with the earth. They create stability, calmness and firmness. When the senses are controlled, turned within, the mind will find stability, calmness and firmness.”

ahimsaka satya tadasana feet dharana

6 dharana; concentration,

one-pointed mind (ekagra eka=one agra=foremost).
“the outer edges of the feet, creating stability, shaping the feet, connecting the front and the back and being solid on the earth, without them standing would impossible and not any step could be made. Concentration is the connecting part of every limb, giving shape to mind, and keeping the mind solid, without concentration not any task could be accomplished.”

ahimsaka satya tadasana feet dhyana

7 dhyana; meditation,

when concentration is effortlessly the mind enters into the state of meditation.
“the nerve endings (nadis) of feet, from the physical body entering into the subtle (energetic) body. The beginning points into a different world, useful for healing, relaxation, strengthening, energizing and general well being. Meditation is the starting point for going beyond the mind, entering the infinite, useful for healing, relaxation, strengthening, energizing, general well being and so much more.”

ahimsaka satya tadasana feet samadhi

8  samadhi;

when meditation is effortlessly the mind and the sadhaka (practitioner) are entering samadhi, the state where the body and senses are at rest, the mind and reason alert, and transcended consciousness. The sense of “I” or “mine” are dissolved.
“the total of the feet; standing strong yet being completely relaxed, what ever happens for the good or the bad, you are as strong as a mountain yet as calm as a mountain. Resting on the foundation, beyond likes & dislikes, the body&mind are in peace, firm and at ease.”

walking the noble eight folded path in tadasana;

right understanding,
right thoughts,
right speech,
right action,
right livelihood,
right effort,
right mindfulness,
right concentration

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