“the teacher and the one being taught are creating the teaching”

Ahimsa-ka main focus is to inspire people to develop their own yoga practice, based around the eight limbs of yoga. He helps students to develop a practice they can do on their own, when ever and where ever. He sees it more in terms of facilitating a yoga practice than teaching a certain style of yoga. His own practice is very much inspired by the Ashtanga series of Sri Pathabi Jois, but is not limited to it. The various styles of yin yogas , or slow stretching (working on connective tissue and the meridians), are very complementary to the vinyassa based yogas, and give time to explore the other limbs of yoga within the framework of the asana. Ahimsa-ka weaves the different limbs of yoga into asana practice and develops the class into an “ha” (sun) or  “tha” (moon) energy focussed (dynamic & outwardly or restorative & inwardly) depending on the needs and moods of the students.
The physical body is the event horizon, from where you can go outward or inward. Yoga is an inward science, a tool to a more balanced and healthier life, and the body is the vehicle to use this tool. From there it is an ongoing journey into the self, searching for truth yet remaining connected and taking part in everything that happens around that amazing and every-changing body. Balance isn’t a still point; it is the highest dynamic momentum of two opposite forces appearing to be completely still. It is the middle path, in-between the extremities of life.
Ahimsa-ka reminds students that we are our own teachers and that through yoga we can connect with the one that is singing and dancing inside of all of us. He guides students into developing greater body awareness and security so that they can become their own teacher (again).
Most classes explore in one way or another the different limbs of the 8 folded yoga path; concentration exercises, meditation, pranayama, sense-control, asana together with some philosophical background. Yoga is skill in action, right wisdom and right action. The one cannot go without the other without losing it’s meaning and richness. Ahimsa-ka’s focus is to help grow that skill, not only on the mat and in the shala but also in daily life.

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