seeds & fruits

Following up on the last blog entry with a personal note;

Of course it is always nice to receive compliments and appreciation for that what flows from your heart, and what you feel that is what you are suppose to here. When your students start teaching on their own and giving their own way to the teachings it brings “santosha” (contentment) to a whole different level. Yoga is not about receiving benefits (but you will), it is not about expecting fruits (but they will be sweet), it is all about sowing seeds, to nurture and to nourish, so life can continue to blossom. And from there, letting go (aparigraha).

Happy to see my yoga students Kadek and Echa growing into yoga teachers themselves.

Kadek and Echa will continue their morning classes at the ashram whenever they are able to, their schedule allows and bale yoga available. Ahimsaka will cover the days when they are not able to teach, when regular sessions for guests are planned (Wed, Thur, Fri). On other mornings Ahimsaka will continue together with Kadek and Echa to develop their teaching and yoga practice.


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