Ashtanga Hatha Immersion 2014

3 day ashtanga hatha immersion 2014 dates (3 days, 4 nights)

6 – 10 April 2014

5 – 9 July 2014

23 – 27 Aug 2014

2 – 5 Nov 2014

at Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia.

more information soon,

An immersion into ashtanga hatha yoga for beginners, for the curious and also for the ashtanga
practitioners who wish to explore and deepen their self practice. Inspired by, but not limited to,
the ashtanga vinyasa sequence of Sri Patthabi Jois.
Focus of these 3 days is to establish or fine-tune your own practice based on the ashtanga
primary sequence. Depending on where you are with your body and mind the sequence can be
modified, adding or skipping asana’s (or vinyasa’s), and with additional classes especially in
hip-opening, back-bending, vinyasa, and yin-yoga for ashtangi’s (weaving the limbs of the 8
astau/limbs of the yoga practice into the physical asana practice). There will be self practice
classes (working on your own pace and asana’s, the so called mysore style) and classes
practicing together with the group (Led classes). The special classes are to help you further in
your practice, supply you with additional information and asana’s, and a better understanding
of the ashtanga yoga, and going beyond the merely physical aspect. The ashtanga practice is
definitely a more strenuous and intensive practice, as it is meant to be a purifying practice.
However, the first guideline is always to work within the limits of your own body. Learning to
listen to your own body (and breath). From there we explore these limits, taking them as
frontiers rather than limitations, and going beyond the set expectations you have of your body
and mind.
Ashtanga Format*:
*for this immersion course you can decide which classes you wish to attend, depending on what
you want or think would work best for you. This can be discussed in advance/at the retreat.
1. Pre Breakfast Class: mysore style or Led class
2. Post Breakfast Class: mysore style or Led class
3. Early Afternoon Class: Special class. Hip-opening, back-bending, vinyassa
4. Late Afternoon Class: Yin-yoga for Ashtangi’s: targeting connective tissue, sense-withdrawal,
breath-work, meditation.

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