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For the list of teachers and institutes that have crossed paths with Ahimsa-ka, see the biography page. Special thanks to “Alison”, Ahimsa-ka’s first yoga teacher and Kathy Elder who has been a source of inspiration and information during his stay (and beyond) at Kalani, Hawai’i. And to Shae Bryant and Mitsu Prak who introduced Ahimsa-ka to the Ashtanga Yoga.
To the dearest yogi friends who have helped with this website; Tamiko and Lena.
To “swami” Kawi and Rudi from the Gedong Gandhi Ashram who triggered Ahimsa-ka into starting teaching. To Yvonne for shining a new light on the sun salutations, letting Ahimsa-ka join on her various yoga retreats at the Ashram and sharing her rich source of yoga wisdom.
“When the mind is peaceful, the mouth silent and the heart open; everyone and everything can be a guru”  (guru sanskrit for ;” that what dispels darkness”)
Using the free services of wordpress (the host and provider of this website), the money saved on building and maintaining a website, obtaining an url etc, is being used to neutralize the carbon foot print of Ahimsa-ka on his yoga journey.
for more information, and to learn how you can off set your carbon foot print in daily life;

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