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‘kefir sour dough bread’


For some years I didn’t have access to a kitchen, and with often traveling and still wanting to cook my own food I improvised a lot with small one dish dishes either on a little electric travel stove or with a small rice cooker. A rice cooker has the advantage that it switches itself to warming when the cooking is done. That allowed me to run numerous yoga workshops, and having my warm kitcheree breakfast after the morning class. Cooking in a rice cooker can help if you are limited in time and still want to eat a warm light meal.

Some bigger and more fancy rice cookers have the option of baking bread and making soup, which led me to experiment with my own small cheap simple rice cooker more. Baking bread and making soup is both possible it just needs a little bit of extra attention.

This recipe is based on ayurvedic recipe of making bread, and I adapted it to baking it in the rice cooker, to satisfy my dietary restrictions; gluten  free and vegan, no processed foods. This is a basic recipe, and you can be as creative with it as you like. Depending on the flour (s) you use, the climate you are in, and the temperament of your rice cooker; time, density and consistency may differ. I will give also directions for different options when some ingredients are not available or not an option.

Of course, when you have an oven you can use the oven instead.

The kefir will give the “sour dough” flavor and texture and has numerous health benefits, is a good pro-biotic and very easy to make your self.

Kefir sour dough bread

(Over night) stand 8 hours

(Can be omitted when using baking powder)

Preparation 10 min

Baking 1.15 min

Cooling down

Makes one round loaf serves 2 people

Ingredients (if possible organic)

1 cup kefir

1 cup ragi flour

1 cup rice flour

(Actually any kind of flour can be used and mixed, I prefer ragi for its many health benefits and even when buying non organic, it will not be grown with too many pesticides. Ragi is aggravating to the pitta constitution which is why I mix it with rice flour. Rice flour also gives a nice consistency.)

Optional 1/4 cup sprouted and grounded beans, seeds and nuts.

1 to 2 cups of water Kefir liquid

(or any other liquid like coconut milk, yoghurt, water but add 2 tea spoons of baking powder) (so not the actual kefir culture but the drink it self, flavored water kefir is also an option)     (milk kefir can be also used, omit baking powder if using)

2 table spoons flax seeds

1.5 cup of boiled water

1/2 lime juice, or 1/4 lemon juice

1 tea spoon of cumin powder

1 tea spoon of fennel seeds


1 tea spoon salt (rock salt, Himalayan salt etc)

Hand full of fresh coriander and/or mint (cooling and improves digestion), or 1 tea spoon of coriander powder and/or dried mint

1 tea spoon of cumin seeds

1 tea spoon of turmeric powder

1 table spoon of coconut oil or any oil you prefer (consider your constitution; pitta use coconut oil, vata use sesame oil, kapha don’t use any oil)

1 table spoon of sesame seeds for garnish (not for pitta constitution)

Some oil to rub the pan (not always necessary)

To create

Put the flax seeds in a cup add boiled water and all other ingredients except the flour (s) and kefir (so all the ingredients listed below flax seeds in the ingredients list until the oil)

Basically you are steeping a flax seeds herb tea for about 5 MIN or longer. The flax seeds (which is an egg replacement) will create the consistency (slimy).

Mix the flours together and if you are using baking powder also the baking powder.

Mix the flax seeds tea / mixture when it’s cooled down a bit with the flour mix. And mix.

Add the kefir or any other liquid slowly and knead the dough while adding the liquid. It’s bread so the dough should be thick and not smooth like cake batter. Keep it a bit dry. Make a ball.

When using kefir keep it in a warm dark place for about 8 hours, when using baking powder you can still let it rise for about 25 MIN and then proceed.

Knead again.

Put it into the rice cooker pan, rubbed with some oil if you prefer, and add some sesame seeds on top for garnish (omit for pitta constitution)

Close the cooker and press the heat button. After 5 to 10 MIN the cooker will jump to warm, let it be there for about 15 MIN, and then press heating again. Repeat 4 times. Check if ready, if still to soft and moist, though sour dough will be a bit moist and soft, one more time press heat. When ready, take the pan out, let the bread cool I the pan tilted in and up side down position.



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