Balinese new year yoga & meditation retreat

An opening into Silence.
5 – 12 March 2016
A yoga asana & meditation retreat strung together around the Balinese Hindu New Year Ceremony, Nyepi.

@ palm grove & seaside location East Bali.

In March this year Bali will celebrate its own new year with a whole day of complete stillness, Nyepi.
The airport will be closed, roads will be deserted, no traffic, no Wi Fi, no use of electicity, no distractions, …
where is the mind?
A day of introspection…

Ahimsaka together with baliashramyoga is guiding a 7 day retreat into Silence, woven around the day of Nyepi. The classes will move towards this silent day with, next to the yoga asana classes, different technics for turning our senses inwards, concentration exercises, and meditation. To provide you with inner stillness and a routine to keep that Silence within you from that moment onwards…
Nothing is obligated and we will strive to cater to personal needs.

The retreat is hosted at a Gandhian Ashram at the sea side. A place that breathes stillness itself, and invites simplicity.

5 to 12 March 2016.
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