25 – 28 September 2015 @ Dili Wellness Opening into the self-practice of yoga

Ahimsaka Satya Yoga Sadhana

yoga classes & workshops

25 – 28 September 2015 @ Dili Wellness

Opening into the self-practice of yoga.

This is an offering of various classes of yoga for developing your own yoga practice.  The separate classes are the “LEGO” pieces of the yoga practice training (YPT) workshop which, when combined together into a workshop, can build a full and (w)holistic practice.  Every class is a foundation on it is own, and will explore a part (or parts) of yoga in depth.  Doing a workshop will give you broader access to the (self) practice of yoga, while attending one of classes will deepen your understanding.  We need both, an overall view and more in-depth insight.

Classes are of 1.5 hour sessions.  Complete YPT workshop if all classes are attended.


4 Early Morning Classes (Ashtanga Vinyasa): 7:00-8.30am Friday 25, Saturday 26, Sunday 27, Monday 28 September

3 Late Morning/Early Afternoon Classes (special class): FRI 10:45am-12:15pm, SAT 2:30-4:00pm, SUN 10:45am-12:15pm Friday 25, Saturday 26, Sunday 27 September  3 Afternoon/Evening Classes (pratyahara/yin): FRI 5:30-7:00pm, SAT 5:00-6:30pm, SUN 2:30-4:00pm Friday 25, Saturday 26, Sunday 27 September  + 2 Q&A Sessions (for YPT participants only): 4:00-4:30pm Saturday 26, Sunday 27 September

Price: Single class/drop-in = $15usd, Advanced purchase 5x card  =$60, Advanced purchase 10x YPT workshop = $100. **Please register in advance by contacting Colleen at: diliwellness@gmail.com, +670-7746-3733.    Class Descriptions:

Asthanga Vinyasa primary, Led & introduction:

The Ashtanga sequences* are used as a source of inspiration, in a not dogmatic but rather pragmatic style. The primary sequence has a focus on both strengthening and lengthening, creating a more open and flexible body that is equally strong within every area of the body. Developing harmony between the various body parts, and balancing the body with the mind.

Friday 25 September, 7:00-8:30am

Introduction: gives basic knowledge, how to approach/play/modify the sequence (mostly the primary series) to your body type, mind set, and life style.

Saturday 26, Sunday 27, Monday 28 September, 7:00-8:30am

LED; a classic “western” type of teaching, where the teacher is guiding the class as a group and showing the poses of the sequence, the variations and modifications and also the inspiration were it can go to. The class is to be received in a playful way, trying, exploring, not expecting, and learning what is suitable for you and where you can take yourself. Take it as exploration and with the focus of establishing, or fine-tuning, your own yoga practice.

*The ashtanga practice is definitely a more strenuous practice, and meant to be a purifying practice, the first guideline is always to work within the limits of your own body. Learning to listen to your own body (and breath). From there we explore these limits, taking them as frontiers rather than limitations, and going beyond the set expectations you maybe have of your body and mind. Making Self-expression part of the whole.   Special classes in back bending, Vinyasa Techniques & core strengthening, hip opening & arm balances: These classes are more of a workshop style class, which target specific parts of the body and mind and go deeper in some of the hatha/ashtanga yoga technique and asana. Within the class there is more time for practicing the techniques by means of repetition and trial & error. It are also the areas we all have to work on if we want to progress deeper into our yoga practice. It is here that we have to fine tune the balance between strength and flexibility, control and surrender, action and non-action.

Friday 25 September, 10:45am-12:15pm

Back bending; often it is not the spine that is stiff, but tightness in the hips, shoulders, hamstrings or abdomen that is preventing the spine to open up and finding its natural length and space. More over, the most limiting factor could be the mind, back bending can come together with fear and anxiety, or the opposite, no strength and no control. Especially with back bending we can say; “asana are done by the body, but done for mind”.

Saturday 26 September, 2:30-4:00pm

Vinyasa & core, brings it all together and without persistent practice we are not able to master it. It is here that we can create an unlimited variety of how to move in and out of poses, to play with both the lunar and solar energy and let them dance together. It has to become natural, and often it will seem magical, it is were we can see Maya (illusion) demonstrated when gravity seems defied. Especially in these classes it is a lot of trial & error, that is how to learn, keeping a playful attitude.

Sunday 27 September, 10:45am-12:15pm  Hip opening & arm balances; open hips facilitate smooth Vinyasa, and is often the most frustrating part of our yoga practice. It seems also the storage of long lasting deep embedded “karma” are all in the hips. Lots of asana for opening the hips, and from there in, using the regained mobility to explore the more advanced asana of arm balances and related asana.

Pratayahara “yin” & meditation: While in the “asana” during these yin (sense-withdrawal) classes, different facets of the 8th limbs of yoga are being presented. Sense-withdrawal (Sanskrit; pratyahara) is step 5 of the 8 folded path, and brings the “outer” disciplines together with the “inner” disciplines. Foundation of the class is active relaxation of the physical body with as focus to quiet the mind, which is often the most challenging and difficult part of our yoga practice. Various techniques will be explored. During a long hold pose (3 to 5 min.), these different tools are offered and practiced. As we all have different bodies, our minds are as different as well and we need different techniques for different situations. The slow and passive stretching together with the active relaxation helps to recharge the body and mind, and expels the waste products of metabolism* from an intensive (yang) yoga practice efficiently, minimizing soreness the next day. These classes are an important part of the workshop as to understand the yoga practice. It is here we practice to move to the final step of yoga; “Samadhi”, realizing peace.

Friday 25 September, 5:30-7:00pm Saturday 26 September, 5:00-6:30pm Sunday 27 September, 2:30-4:00pm

*These classes can have a strong cleansing effect on the body.  Please drink plenty of water afterwards.   Q&A Sessions:  After pratyahara/yin classes there will be approximately 30 minute Q&A sessions for students who take the class as part of the yoga practice training (TPT) workshop.  These classes are meant to tune the workshop to individual needs, and can go from anything yoga related, into Ayurveda, diet, and lifestyle.  The key ingredient is how to integrate the yoga practice into your daily life, and bring your life into the sphere of yoga.  The Q&A session on Saturday will be held at Cafe Wesa’e, located directly below the studio.  The Sunday Q&A session will be in Dili Wellness Upstairs Studio.

Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 September, 4:00-4:30pm

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