Ahimsa-ka’s main focus is to inspire people to develop their own yoga practice, based around the eight (astau) limbs of hatha yoga. He hopes for students to develop a practice they can do on their own, when ever and where ever. He sees it more in terms of facilitating a yoga practice then teaching a certain style of yoga. His own practice is very much inspired by the Ashtanga series of Sri Pathabi Jois, but not limited to it. Ahimsa-ka’s started yoga with a “power-yoga class” at the gym, and from there embarked slowly but steadily on the journey into yoga, exploring this inward science and opening up his body & mind to the yogi way-of-living.

Ahimsa-ka is always ready to share this holistic (whole-istic) way-of-life with who ever is interested. This website is meant to share the yoga spirit with old & new friends, update on currents events and teaching schedule. Per March 2016 Dili, East -Timor is Ahimsa-ka’s home base, next to that he is often doing workshops and seva (selfless-service).

In 2017 Ahimsaka started Dili Ashtanga Yoga, Timor Leste’s first yoga school, and two simple small yoga shalas.

Uma Dame , shanti house, in the central and residential location of Farol, Palopaso, Dili.

Uma iis tasi, house of ocean breath, a yoga-getaway within Dili, at Beto Tasi/ cemetary beach.

Uma Dame is the focus for Ashtanga style classes, mysore and LED, and for community yoga. Uma iis tasi is weekend get-away with yoga intensives to explore the practice in depth.


what other people say;


Ahimsaka is a certified yoga teacher.

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